Swimming Lessons


It’s time for swimming lessons to start again!

Zatzman Sportsplex

If you are having difficulty finding the registration form, please try using a computer instead of your phone.

Due to Covid-19, there will be some differences in our registration procedures.

I will be doing registration on a first paid, first served basis. Your entire family will be booked in the same time slot (with the exception of those with Bronze swimmers).
Please note that you must complete both the registration form and the payment in order to be considered registered.  The registration form does not always show up on phones, so if you don’t see it, please try again on your computer.
To guarantee your spot, ALL registrations must be accompanied by an etransfer stephanie@hems-ns.ca or Paypal. You will not be considered registered without payment.
Parents will be required to social distance on the deck.
Masks are required everywhere in the building except when in swimming lessons.  
Only one adult per family will be permitted on the pool deck/in the building during your child’s lesson.
In order to accommodate as many as possible, classes may be blended, ie 1/2 split, etc.
I will fill the time slots from 9 am first and move down the line. If you are unable to attend a specific time slot, you will be moved to the end of the wait list and may not get a slot. I will be trying to book the larger families into the puzzle first and then fit smaller ones in around, as each family is eligible for only one 45 minute time slot (except Bronze).
Private lessons will only be scheduled for special circumstances and must be approved by me. We are limiting these as they will limit the number of other swimmers able to participate.
Phew! If anyone can make it work, this community can.
  • Lessons will be scheduled between 9:00am – 1:00pm on Fridays.
  • Some leadership classes and, if necessary, Swimmer levels, could begin as early as 8 am.
  • Due to Covid-19 protocols, there will be no open swim at this time.  Open swim will run throughout lessons.

Please complete the following registration

along with your payment. 

The shopping cart is below the registration box. 

Please complete one registration for each swimmer.

Due to Covid-19 protocols, there will be no open swim this term.

NEW – open swim is available for FREE for families of registered swimmers.  If you would like to drop in or bring a friend, there is a weekly drop-in fee of $10.  You can pre-pay here, or bring $10 CASH ONLY and give it to Stephanie on the pool deck.  For safety reasons, these spots are limited.

Weekly Drop-in – Due to Covid, not available at this time.

2021-2022 Dates:

September 24 – November 26

January 14 – March 25 (missing March 18 for March Break)

April 8 – June 10

If we are interrupted by Covid, we will continue classes as soon as the facility is reopened.

Spring dates will be predicated on any winter closures.

Christmas  POOL PARTY

(minimum 15 families required)

To be determined based on Covid protocols at the time.


10 – 11:30 in the pool with the slides, rope, rock walls & splash pad (includes both shallow and deep water)

11:30 – 2 for the potluck (there is a fridge in the room, if needed)

Cost: $20/family – please register at stephanie at hems-ns.ca

Please note that the shopping cart is at the bottom of the page.

Levels available:

Parent & Tot 1-3: ages 3 months – walking  / 30 minute classes

Parent participation required.

Join one of our experienced instructors as they teach you to interact safely with your little one in the water.  This class is always a time of fun and discovery.

Parent & Tot 1

Parent & Tot 2

Parent & Tot 3

Preschool 1-5: ages 3-6 / 30 minute classes

Preschool 1 (3-5)

Preschool 2 (3-5)

Preschool 3 (3-5)

Preschool 4 (3-5)

Preschool 5 (3-5)


Lifesaving Society Swim for Life: ages 5+ / 30 minute classes

Swimmer 1

Swimmer 2

Swimmer 3

Swim Kids 4

Swimmer 5

Swimmer 6

Stroke Improvement Program:

Appropriate for any child who is struggling with stroke technique or endurance.  Please indicate the stroke of concern in your registration.

Swim Sport:

Experience the best of the variety of aquatic sports including boating, surfing, synchronized swimming, competitive swimming and diving.  Ability to swim 50 meters required for this program.

Junior Lifeguard Club:

All caught up with lessons but not yet 16?  Join the HEMS en guarde Junior Lifeguard Club.  Hone your lifesaving skills while learning some of the basic lifeguarding skills as well.  First aid, fitness and fun!  There will be opportunities to compete against other clubs throughout the year.

Adult Learn to Swim:

Have you always wanted to learn how to swim but never had the time?  Now is your chance.  HEMS & Sportsplex are pleased to offer learn to swim classes for adults.  These classes are tailor made to help you overcome your fear of the water and develop the basic skills necessary to make the most of our City of Lakes.

Adult 1

Adult 2

Adult 3

Adult Masters Swimming

You know how to swim and you’d like to get/stay fit?  This may be just the thing.  Join one of our experienced instructors/coaches for guided strength/endurance and technique training.   Everyone is able to work at their own pace, gradually increasing their skill and performance.

Lifesaving Society Swim Patrol: ability to swim (recommended for after Swimmer 6 or older beginners) / 30-45 minute classes depending on scheduling

Rookie Patrol 

Ranger Patrol 

Star Patrol  

Lifesaving Society Bronze Program:

Bronze Star – minimum 12 years old  


Bronze Medallion – minimum 13 years old or Bronze Star / 20 hours (2/week)

Price includes one pocket mask (yours to keep at the end of the term)


Bronze Cross – minimum 13 years old and Bronze Cross / 20 hours (2/week)

If you did not purchase a pocket mask in Bronze Medallion, please select this button.


Distinction – prerequisite Bronze Cross / 20 hours (2/week)


Distinction – extra endurance & practice sessions

Lifesaving Society Leadership:  minimum of six registrations required to run class

National Lifeguard Service (NLS) – 16 years old, Bronze Cross (need not be current), and current Standard First Aid Certification OR another NLS option (need not be current) / 40hours (4/week)


Swim For Life Instructor – 15 years old, Bronze Cross or Nationals (need not be current)  24 hours


Lifesaving Instructor (LSI) – 16 years old, Bronze Cross or NLS (need not be current) /20 hours (2/week)


***Bronze Star through Lifesaving Instructor will be offered only as there is sufficient registration. That means, if you want in, you HAVE to let me know. Waiting until the last minute to see if the program is going to run will probably result in me not being able to retain the necessary instructors. These higher levels require specialized instructors so I need time to get them on board.

For more information on the leadership programs, please visit:

Lifesaving Swimming Programs

If you are interested in the leadership programs, it may be helpful to include a second choice in your registration. That may open the opportunity to run a program this term and your first choice next term.

Classes will be assigned after the last day of registration and the complete schedule will be posted on our website. In order to protect your children’s identities, we will post last initials and not whole last names.

If you have any special requests, they must be included in your registration.  I will do my best to accommodate everyone, but with over 100 children and three hours, this is not always possible.  There will be no changes made after the schedule is published.

Times: will be allocated as I receive registration and emailed to participating families

Costs per Level:
Parent & Tot – Swimmer 6 $75
Stroke Improvement $75
Adult Learn to Swim $75
Rookie, Ranger & Star  Patrol


Bronze Star




Swim Sport & Junior Lifeguard Club & Adult Masters $95
Bronze Medallion $145
Bronze Cross $115
Distinction $150
Semi-private lesson (only with approval)  $140
Private lesson (only with approval) $160
Swim For Life Instructor $200
Lifesaving Instructor $160
National Lifeguard $180


Please remember that I do my best to accommodate schedules and reduce wait times.  However, there are a lot of swimmers in our program and it is not always possible to meet everyone’s requests.  If our schedule does not work for you, we will cheerfully refund your money before day one of the program.

I know that was a lot of information, thanks for slogging through it all. I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming term.