Nova Scotia Homeschool Support Groups

Halifax Regional Municipality

Waldorf Playgroup

A new group in HRM welcoming all Waldorf homeschooling families and those interested in Waldorf-based homeschooling. An informal playgroup/support group meeting weekly.

Contact: Sarah Lindfield (902) 820-5066

sarahelindfield @

HEMS – Home Educating Mothers’ Support Group

A Christian support group in the Dartmouth-Halifax area. A family-based group that meets for regular field trips and activities. There are no regular evening meetings at this time.

Contact: Stephanie Jackson (902) 435-4182

hems @

Check out the HEMS website!

Tantallon – Hammonds Plains – St. Mararet’s Bay

Contact: Lori Hull

lori.hull @

Annapolis Valley

Greenwood Area Homeschoolers

The Greenwood Area Homeschoolers are not an official group, but they have attempted to help homeschoolers stay connected with the following blog.

Events are open to all. Feel free to check it out and join any activity advertised; even if you do not live in “the Valley”. Also, feel free to ask us to post something that may be of interest to other homeschoolers.

Lunenburg County (South Shore)

We welcome all homeschoolers to join us for activities the whole family will enjoy. We meet at the Marc in Dayspring, the last Thursday afternoon of each month.

Contact: Connie Reinhardt (902) 543-7606

denisemacadam @


Sherry McGinnis (902) 543-3210

Central Colchester

We are a small group of homeschoolers, meeting occasionally

Contact: Jennifer Porter (902) 662-3455

ajporter @


Contact: Linda McCormick

lindahayhoe @


Homeschoolers Beacon

This group usually meets weekly, goes on field trips, and participates in additional activities.

Contact: Ellie Kitchen (902) 648-2928

kitchen.ellie @

Pictou County

Motley Pie – Homeschool Support for Pictou County

Contact: Ann

weehomeschool @

remains the same but you should change website to

Cape Breton

Cape Breton Homeschoolers

Contact: Katrina Miller (902) 736-0302

cookie5765 @

8 Replies to “Nova Scotia Homeschool Support Groups”

  1. Crystal

    Hi my name is Crystal,
    I currently homeschool my 2 school aged childen 10 and 9 and one KG. I have been homeschooling in the US for the pass 5 years. We are currently living in MB but might be moving to Nova Scotia. We are looking forward to the beautiful and quite living but I am concerned about the homeschooling. If you could tell me some of the challenges of homeschooling in Nova Scotia and some of positive things. We are looking for a great community and homeschooling is important part of our lives.
    Thank you for any feedback

    • Stephanie Jackson

      Hi Crystal,
      We have a few great homeschool communities in Nova Scotia. The one you choose will depend on where you are living. There are lots of extra curricular activities and although there are not many going on yet, there has been a lot of chatter in the past few months about the desire for co-ops.
      Our law requires us to register with the Department of Education in September, providing them with a long term learning plan for the year and then submit a progress report in June. There are sometimes questions about the reports, but they are usually easily clarified.
      Most people are very positive and supportive and the pace of living in Nova Scotia is fabulous for a creative learning environment. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help with your transition.

      • Ryan MacDonald

        We are looking for a support group in the Dartmouth area, yet are having difficulty finding one. We are new to homeschooling, our son will be 5 this October.

  2. Laurie Beesting

    Hi- I am Laurie Beesting and am the author of a new math textbook which is proving to be really helpful to homeschooling families and is selling across Canada. It is also being used widely as a resource in special ed- ADHD, autism, anxiety, dyslexia and dyscalculia. I would like to ask if I would please be allowed to post on your FB page to let families in your area know about it. I fully respect there are rules about posting- and although I want to share my resource, would also love to be involved with the commenting/supporting in the group. If you could let me know, I would be so grateful!

  3. Grace

    Hey I am new to Nova Scotia and am wondering what this site can offer and what programs etc. are available for a grade one homeschool girl?

  4. Maria McDonald

    Hi Ladies,
    I live in Halifax and am seriously considering homeschooling my daughter who is in Gr. 8. I would even be interested in taking other Jr. High students in as well.
    I would love to chat about this in greater detail with anyone interested in sharing their experience? I appreciate all feedback

  5. Maria

    Hi There,

    I’m interested in homeschooling my 13 yr old daughter who is currently in Gr. 8.

    She is not quite on board with the idea but I was hoping that if I connect with other
    families who home school and/or maybe have children within her age group, that that
    might help her move in the direction of homeschooling.

    Would there be an opportunity or event like an meet and greet where we could join?

    Thank you,

    Maria McDonald

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