Dr. Brian Ray, National Home Education Research Institute

Loving and Leading

by Dr. Brian and Betsy Ray

Husbands and fathers, it is time to love and lead now. Like Christ loves the church. Wives and mothers, it is time to love your husband as God has declared. Nurture and admonish your children but do not provoke them. Is all of this possible? Yes. But what can you do? Brian and Betsy will give you pointed challenges, down-to-earth examples, laughter, and practical ideas to see your marriage grow from glory to glory in God’s good and exciting will. They will help and encourage you with scripture, their experiences, and what they have learned during 34 years of marriage and the upbringing of eight children.

Swimming Upstream: The Water Gets Clearer

Many parents finally fall prey to their own insecurities and critics’ darts when their children reach age 14 (or sooner). They consider abandoning home-based and parent-guided education. The cacophonous voices of professionals, generations of institutional schooling, “public” school giveaways and enticements, personal misperceptions of reality, and the world’s opinion about what is important muddy the waters. Getting closer to the source — the headwaters — brings refreshment and clarity to vision and action. Dr. Ray focuses on key educational goals and philosophy (biblical), research findings, the importance of separating the state from education, and personal experience to inform, encourage, and rally parents’ spirits and harden their resolve to continue homeschooling for the long term in order to reap the harvest of its excellent fruits.

Home Educated and Now Adults: Were the Criticisms True or False?

Dr. Ray’s major study examines the lives of 7,306 adults from across the United States who were homeschooled. This study and research by others focus on adults’ general demographics, attitudes toward their own home-education experience, and success in life. Success is evaluated with respect to civic, social, educational, employment, worldview traits, performance in college, and in occupations. In many ways, they are very “normal.” On the other hand, they are remarkably different than the general U.S. population. Generally speaking, the findings of research defuse many of the long-held negative criticisms of those who doubted homeschooling’s benefits, whether practiced in the U.S. or in other nations. And the findings will likely be a great encouragement to those parents and advocates of home-based education over the past two decades.

Common Challenges to and Succeeding in Home-Based Education

(for parents who think or feel they are new to homeschooling)

There are certain challenges that are common to most or all homeschool parents and their children, especially in the “early years” of home educating. And there are key considerations, pieces of philosophy, and practices that significantly enhance home educators’ success, attitudes, and joy. Dr. Ray will present to you some of the nuggets that he and his wife have gleaned from the home education of their eight children (now ages 30s to 19), and from years of research and learning from thousands of parents and families from around the world.

Betsy Ray, Veteran Homeschool Mom

Parents: Igniting the Fires of Your Mind

(oriented toward mothers)

We all want our children to be excited about learning. That excitement can be caught from parents who are challenging themselves in new areas. Betsy will give ideas and relate her experiences that could make teaching more than just getting through the textbooks. She will encourage you to stimulate your thinking and give practical tips on how to relate topics in which you never thought you would be interested (e.g., economics) to ones that you have always loved (e.g., history) and to the light of God’s truth. You can lead your young people in making these relationships, forming a biblical worldview, and renewing their minds to impact their world.

On Your Toes — Homeschooling With Toddlers Under Foot

Watch your step! Those wee ones are learning from everything you do. Betsy will offer encouragement and ideas for mothers of toddlers, especially those balancing their older and younger children’s education.


Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie and her husband Jeff reside in Lake Echo, Nova Scotia.  Their family has been homeschooling since 1998.  Three of their children have graduated from their homeschool and two are still at home finishing up junior and senior high. Stephanie has always developed an eclectic curriculum and is excited to watch as it grows and changes to meet the needs of each of her children.  Stephanie is the Executive Director of HEMS:helping, encouraging, mentoring, serving, and has had several opportunities to participate in the HSLDA National Leadership Conference and has worked with the Department of Education Regional Education Office to help protect the rights of home educators in Nova Scotia. Stephanie has had the privilege of meeting and learning from some very experienced homeschool leaders around the world, with the Global Home Education Exchange and loves to share her passion for inspiring and encouraging families.

Getting Started With Homeschooling

Twenty years later, the face of homeschooling continues to change since Stephanie began homeschooling.  One of the most exciting things about homeschooling is the freedom to create a learning environment that reaches the hearts of your children.  This is a free workshop to help families who are starting out and those who are hoping to create a vision for their homeschool.

Homeschooling Highschool

Field trips and nature walks are great with your little ones, but how do you keep your homeschooled teen engaged?  Many homeschool families have questions about transcripts, post-secondary and keeping the hearts of their teens.  This workshop looks into the role of homeschooling for your teenager.

Nova Scotia Provincial Update

In this session, Stephanie will share some of the things going on in Nova Scotia that impact home educators.

Jeff Jackson, Oceanographic Data Analyst, Veteran Homeschool Dad

Science Lab for Teens

One of the challenges of homeschooling can be difficulty in accessing the resources to do successful science experiments.  Teens (12+) are invited to join Jeff for a start to finish lab project with direction on how to write a lab report.  Teens must register for this workshop and there is a $2 supply fee/teen.

To register, please email

Stephen Michaels, Educator, Homeschool Dad


Writing is a subject that can frustrate students and overwhelm parents.  Join Stephen, an educator of many years, as he helps the teens to develop an outline, and use powerful language tools to create writing that will be both effective and without tears.

Kathleen McInnis, Homeschool Mom, The Learning Center For Home Educators: Manager

Kathleen is the HEMS Department of Education liaison.  Join her for this free workshop to help you complete your registrations and reports – just in time for reporting season.

Carole Bartz, Certified Educational Therapist, Certified Dyslexia Therapist, Founder Have Tutor Will Teach

Techniques to Develop a Calmer, More Engaged and Focused Student Specifically for Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD

In this workshop, Carole with investigate a number of techniques to develop into a half-hour intervention program to help the individual become calm, engaged and focused. It is based on a program developed by a medical doctor to work with his patients to overcome ADHD in hopes to take them completely off medication or drastically reduce medication dosage.

Angela Smith, HSLDA Canada

Angela Smith is the Operations Manager for HSLDA Canada and is passionate about supporting homeschooling families. Angela and her husband, Calvin, have three grown children whom she thoroughly enjoyed homeschooling. Angela embraced the challenges of being a busy homeschool mother and also worked with her son who is gifted and borderline Aspergers, with a Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. Angela’s previous work experience and education shows a real heart for serving others, beginning with her work with special needs kids when she was fourteen. Her vast experience includes working in a preschool, in group homes for at-risk youth, with young mothers in needs of shelter and support, and in financial administration for her husband’s business, and with HSLDA.

HSLDA Canada Update

What’s going on with homeschooling in Canada?  Join Angela to hear about the work HSLDA is doing on your behalf.

Albert Lee, Veteran Homeschool Dad, Royal Canadian Navy Chaplain

Albert Lee is a full time military chaplain at CFB Halifax. He has been serving CF for 14 years and served Singapore Army for 3 years.
They have 7 children. Albert was born in Singapore and his wife Irene So So Lee was born in Hong Kong. All seven children are made in Canada-Titus, Philemon, Silas, Aquila, Lydia, Priscilla and Barnabas. They have been a homeschool family since their children were born. Their older son Titus works for the bank, Philemon is in aviation program, Silas is in law school at York University, Aquila and Priscilla are studying at Dalhousie University. They still home school Lydia and Barnabas.
Albert graduated M Div and is currently working on his MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. He was a pastor in Toronto for 21 years before he joins CF. He was a founded pastor for family integrated church in Mississaga ON.
Albert can speak five languages and has a desire to be a godly man. He likes swimming, hiking and prayer walk. He also a good player of table tennis.

What is the role of the homeschool dad?  Are you just the principal or is there something more?


Priscilla Lee, Homeschool Graduate, Musician

Priscilla shares not only her passion for music but also the role it can play in enhancing education.

Classical Conversations

Providing a classical education at home.

Rod & Staff
Character Development Through Education










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