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  • The Spanking & The Quarter

    My husband is a twin. He and his sister couldn’t be much more different, but as tykes, they spent their days playing and getting into mischief together. When it was […]

  • I Dreamed a Dream

    Have you ever woken up with the dregs of a dream scampering through your not-quite-clear memory? Sometimes, for me, the images are so clear, they are almost like a day […]

  • Front Lines

    This week, we travelled to Ottawa for a conference. While we were there, we visited the National War Museum. This museum illustrates the story of Canada’s role both in war […]

  • What’s a Mentor?

    The Greatest Mentor  I’ve been studying a lot, lately, about what it means to be a mentor. I was amazed that when I put a shout out to social […]