Canadian Achievement Tests are a great tool for checking where your children rank compared to the masses.

Below are two organizations from whom you may purchase the tests.

Canadian Test Centre

Educational Assessment Services
1-800-668-1006Canadian Test Centre85 Citizen Court, Suites 7 & 8

Markham, Ontario Canada L6G 1A8

This first company sells the tests, but you send back the test for them to correct.

It costs more but they do the marking.

Here is the direct link to their homeschoolers page:

A.D.S. Academic Distribution Services

528 Carnarvon St.New Westminister, B.C.V3L 1C4 Canada

This company (the one we use) sells the tests and answer books so that you can

mark the tests yourself. It takes more effort, but you save money. They also sell

lots of other resources, so please take the time to check them out.

If you know of other companies, please let us know and we will add them to this page.


Level Grade administered Test directions Test booklet U-Score Answer key Diagnostic profile Norms Book Parent Guide
11 1



This includes norms for all levels. Helps explain CAT results to parents and provides suggestions on how to help students.
12 2



13 3



14 4


14-18 included together



15 5



16 6



17 7



18 8



19/20 9,10,11,12




The CAT (Canadian Achievement Test) is designed to help identify areas of learning in which students may be struggling or excelling. These tests are not required for post-secondary applications. Their true value for home educators is as a mechanism to help parents target areas where students may need some extra help.

It is important to remember that the merit of any test is measured by its appropriateness in relecting not only what has been learned but also what has been taught. If your child scores very poorly on this test, don’t panic! Consider what material you may or may not have covered and use the results as a tool to help you design and implement curricula that will meet your learning goals.

On the flip side, if your child scores extremely well, pat yourself on the back and consider them a genius.

When ordering, remember that every level requires one of every item except the Norms book and the parent guide. Those two items are created to be purchased once and used repeatedly.


As of May 2014, these materials are available from Academic Distribution services for the following prices:

Test directions                 $23.95

Test booklet                      $14               *consumable

U-Score                               $5                 *consumable

Answer key                       $2

Diagnositc profile           $1.50           *consumable

Norms book                     $70

Parent guide                     $8

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  1. I need to order CAT 3 test booklets for level 14 to level 19,20. Please provide me details how to order.

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