Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions


Learning Styles (Stephen Michels)

Teaching Styles (Stephen Michels)

Project Based Learning (Stephen Michels)

Provincial Update (Stephanie Jackson) –

Stephanie will share with you the ongoing negotiations with the Department of Education to create the best home educating opportunities possible for your family.  What is the Education Act?  What are your legal responsibilities?  What are the benefits of registering?  How do you fill out the forms?  Come with any other questions you may have and Stephanie will work with you to find the best answers.

 What Your Learner Needs (Stephanie Jackson) –

Homeschooling Highschool: Preparing for Post-Secondary (Stephanie Jackson) –

Eclectic Homeschooling – This fun and interactive session will kick off with a quick overview of the different learning styles and types of homeschoolers. We will explore the vast, and sometimes overwhelming amount of programs and curriculums currently available to homeschoolers. Gizelle will guide you to develop the skills and tools to put together a unique learning plan which would best fit your family’s personalities, learning styles, and lifestyle.

Getting Started (Kristen Habermehl) –

A relaxed session looking at how to move ahead in the process of homeschooling. Whether you are already homeschooling and need a few ideas or just looking at your options, there will be some easy, clear steps to understanding what we need to do to homeschool here in Nova Scotia. Please join us. 

Unschooling (Melanie Ryan) –

Discover the freedom and joy of moving from curriculum driven homeschooling to a focus on relationships, passions and goals within the home and beyond. Melanie will share insights from her experience to encourage you in your families’ journey. Hear candid stories of the challenges and joys of unschooling and recieve practical tips on making the transition.

Tree of Life School (Peter Lindsay) –

Struggles and learning challenges at the high school end of the homeschooling journey are a common experience for student and parent alike.  This workshop by Tree of Life will give caring insight and practical suggestions on how to help your struggling high-schoolers through this phase of their education.  There will be application to a variety of subject areas from literature and writing to science and math.  The focus of the workshop is on helping the student to become confident and successful in whatever level or aim of studies they are following.   In addition to this, we will give an overview of our programs and services for helping homeschooling families in the day-to-day grind.

Family Devotions and Learning Culture (Peter Lindsay) –

Younger families are often overwhelmed with the number of priorities, programs, and styles they are faced with when beginning the homeschooling journey.  This can result in over-programming, discouragement, or uncertainty.  Of all the educational goals for homeschooling, a simple, Scriptural culture of learning in the home will pay dividends over the years and in many areas, whatever style used.  This practical workshop will present a Bible-centered approach for cultivating this learning culture in younger families, and show how it can flow through into other areas of your homeschooling.


Lapbooking (Colleen Bowman) –

In this workshop you will be introduced to the lapbook ,  an exciting and creative educational tool that is becoming more and more popular among home educators.   Lapbooking is a creative way to gather, organise and display what you and your students learn about a subject, and the finished book becomes an attractive resource you will turn to for years to come.
After reviewing the basics and benefits of lapbooking, the hands-on portion of this workshop will give you a chance to get creative as we fold , cut , glue and decorate a few lapbook pages.
No matter what curriculum style you are currently using, lapbooking can easily be incorporated to add creativity and joy to your homeschool program.


Special Needs Workshop (Laurie Purim) –

Angela Smith, Operations Manager at HSLDA, is mom of a son who is gifted and borderline Aspergers with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. Her heart for encouraging and equipping homeschooling parents is evident in this talk in which she discusses the benefits to homeschooling a struggling learner or a child with special needs. This practical talk will arm you with resources and points to research as you homeschool your special kids, and it will encourage you to persevere in the good work you are doing. There will be time for discussion at the end of the talk.







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