Biblical Principles of Communication for the Family (Steve Demme)

Loving God and each other are relationships. Relationships are built on edifying communication. No one can build up, or tear down, more than those that we love the most. In this workshop we will examine how to hear and understand each other in a safe place.

Fostering Lifelong Learners (Steve Demme)

Sandi and I wanted to give our sons a good foundation in language arts and math along with a love for learning. Our vision worked, for each of our sons is a lifelong student who are continually learning and growing. We catch a fire from someone who has a fire. This workshop will share strategies for encouraging a passion for learning through books, family excursions, and exposing your family to fellow lifelong learners.

Seeing Fractions is Understanding Fractions (Steve Demme)

Four out of five people don’t understand fractions! With one clear hands-on model, Steve demonstrates how to perform the basic operations as well as understanding equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, and mixed numbers. The grand finale is how to convert a fraction to a decimal to a percent.

When Homeschooling is HARD (Stephanie Jackson)

Have you ever wanted to cry yourself to sleep?  Wondered if you can do this?  Grieved over the strained relationships in your home?  Homeschooling IS hard but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t also amazing (at least it can be if you let it).

Creating A Homeschool As Unique As Your Family (Stephanie Jackson)

Everyone has an opinion and an experience, but how do they relate to what works in your homeschool?  Are you a traditional schooler?  An unschooler?  Do you sleep in?  Work from home – or out of the home?  Are there babies & toddlers?  Join Stephanie for this “there’s no right answer” conversation about finding your homeschooling path.

Provincial Update (Stephanie Jackson) 

Stephanie will share with you the ongoing negotiations with the Department of Education to create the best home educating opportunities possible for your family.  What is the Education Act?  What are your legal responsibilities?  What are the benefits of registering?  How do you fill out the forms?  Come with any other questions you may have and Stephanie will work with you to find the best answers.


Getting Started (Kristen Habermehl)

A relaxed session looking at how to move ahead in the process of homeschooling. Whether you are already homeschooling and need a few ideas or just looking at your options, there will be some easy, clear steps to understanding what we need to do to homeschool here in Nova Scotia. Please join us. 


Teen Study Skills (Steven Michels)

Teaching Financial Literacy (Catharine Lailson)

The Amazing Things Youth Can Do (Jason Lindsay)

God gives us all certain skills and abilities that we can use to honor and glorify Him. Not everybody will be great at everything, but most of us can be better at something than we are. And, we can be better at a younger age than most of us believe. Join Jason Lindsay, owner of Young Entrepreneurs of North America, as he explores the amazing things that youth are capable of when following Biblical principles ‐ from starting their own business, to preparing for marriage, and more! People of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Developing Your Walk With God

-Teen Boys (Stephen Michels)

-Teen Girls ()

Teen Curriculum Review Brainstorming Session (Abigail Jackson)

Calling ALL Teens!  What do you love about your homeschool?  What do you love – not so much?  Join Abigail in an open brainstorming session to compare notes on your homeschool.

What the Teens Have To Say About Curriculum (Abigail Jackson & Teen Representatives)

Following up on the Teen Brainstorming session, Teens share their insights with the moms and dads facilitating the programs.  This one is sure to be an eye opener!











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