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April 9th, 2016

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

1 Challenger Dr, Burnside, NS B2Y 4A2



Open to one and all, the HEMS Annual Science, Art & Technology Fair is a great opportunity for students to showcase some of their achievements.

The Fair is non-competitive!  We do bring someone in to speak with each child and give them feedback on their work but there are no place prizes awarded.  Children’s efforts are recognized with a certificate and often a small reward of some type.

Projects span the spectrum and in 15 years, we have never had two the same!  Get inspired and be creative.

The rules: do it yourself & do your best!

Projects should fit into approximately 3 feet (on or off table).  You need to bring your own power cords and there is no internet available.

Please remember that although everyone is welcome, we are a Christian group and ask that you refrain from projects that would lead to Biblical controversy…this day is about the children.

Cost is $6/child and families are asked to bring a snack to share after reviewing is complete.

In the Paypal notes, please include the name of each child participating along with the name of his/her project.


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